1. The present rules were updated on 7/20/2019
  2. The GARAGE LUNGARNO services are solely connected to the custody of vehicles.
  3. Maximum height of all vehicles within the GARAGE LUNGARNO has been fixed in 2.10mt from floor. The GARAGE LUNGARNO is entitled to act according to law in case anyone does not respect this rule, which is communicated at the entrance near the access ramp, causing any damage to the GARAGE LUNGARNO and any other vehicles or objects within. The GARAGE LUNGARNO will hereby not be responsible of any damage to the vehicle that entered if its height is above the indicated limit.
  4. The GARAGE LUNGARNO is not responsible of any objects (keychains, phones, etc) that are not left in the custody of our qualified staff.
  5. Upon arrival the client is asked to follow the rules the staff will give him, turn off the engine and leave the keys attached.
  6. For public safety and to prevent fires all vehicles must be left open and with keys attached.
  7. Every expense deriving from the clients keys not being left within the vehicle will be charged on the client.
  8. The GARAGE LUNGARNO kindly asks the client to communicate any damage, scratch or dent both visible and hard to see to the car, the wheels or any accessory when already present.
  9. The GARAGE LUNGARNO is not responsible of any damage caused to the vehicle if the owner/client are not indicated and the effective state of the car is not made present to the staff upon arrival as said above at point 8 of these rules.
  10. For safety reasons: luggage must be placed or taken out of the vehicle in the specific area which is indicated and so is check-in, check-out of the Garage, the client is asked to attend and respect advice given by the staff.
  11. Once the vehicle is checked into the GARAGE LUNGARNO it will remain here for the entire period of parking time.
  12. If necessary to the client, access to his vehicle is possible during the parking time, this will be possible in the presence of the Garage’s staff and after having made a specific request at our desk.
  13. The Garage’s opening hours are clear and communicated within the GARAGE LUNGARNO and on-line , the client is asked to know the hours and act accordingly, keeping any specific bank holiday and exception present.
  14. During closing hours from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. no vehicles may be checked in or checked out.
  15. Inside the Garage, on the entrance and exit ramp, in the parking slots and in the adjacent spaces smoking is prohibited.
  16. Once parking is over and the client has exited the Garage with his vehicle without having made any kind of claim on critical aspects of the service (damages etc) the company is relieved from any responsibility and will not need to respond to any refunds etc.
  17. Once vehicle is checked in the client automatically accepts every rule and contractual condition (link) signed during online booking or upon arrival at the GARAGE LUNGARNO.
  18. Upon arrival our staff will immediately manage all bureaucracy involving access relating to the city’s ZTL which are necessary to reach the GARAGE LUNGARNO, except for all critical passages communicated in advance, online or via System Alert or agreed upon amongst the Garage’s personnel and the client.
  19. The client is asked to keep and show the parking’s booking receipt with payment and entrance ticket.
  20. Loss of check-in ticket is equivalent to payment of the entire period of stay for the parking spot.
  21. The GARAGE LUNGARNO takes responsibility to satisfy every request the client might have including collateral services provided by partners and affiliates.
  22. During the booking procedure the client is asked to inform the GARAGE LUNGARNO in case of specific service such as assistance for the disabled, “pink” parking, car wash or any other specific needs.
  23. The Garage’s staff is at the client’s complete disposal, at the same time it is there to assure safe car movement and parking and thus will do all that’s possible to satisfy client needs at all times while carrying out other tasks.
  24. The GARAGE LUNGARNO invites its clients to dialogue and confrontation before posting online reviews; in case content posted does not correspond to truth, the GARAGE LUNGARNO will take any precautions available with competent authorities to protect its name and services.
  25. The GARAGE LUNGARNO is not to be held responsible with its clients for any communications received via email through the System Alert program. The Client needs to respect the law before any communications given via email.

Nota : The GARAGE LUNGARNO is in charge of communicating any possible form of changes, integrations or variations to the present Rules as soon as possible.

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