Drive through the “ZTL”

Do no stop!!!
For all those who have to arrive at the Garage Lungarno, residents and non-residents, the ZTL is no longer a problem.

Go through the city telematic gates without worries.

Even if the red light is on and within 3 hours come and park at the Garage

We take care of everything

Unloading the license plate, paying the fee included in the rate and obtaining the permit for the first access.

All you have to do is arrive at the Lungarno Garage and leave your keys in the car.

7/7 – 24h

We have all the ZTL access authorizations except for:

  • Via Senese (towards Florence)
  • The lanes reserved for:
    • public transport,
    • preferential transport
    • pedestrian area, prohibited 24 hours a day


To access the ZTL your vehicle will be registered by our staff only upon arrival at the Garage and will be valid only while your vehicle remains parked in the Garage. Once you exit the Garage the ZTL permit will no longer be effective.

ZTL: What does it means?

Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) from the site of the municipality of Florence

The entire area of ​​the historic center of Florence is defined, for the purposes of mobility, as a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

Within this area, access, circulation and parking are regulated by specific rules.
The ZTL is delimited by a series of telematic gates on which telepass technology equipment is mounted, indicated by special signs, which automatically detect the number plates of all the vehicles passing through it.

The ZTL consists of five sectors: A, B, O, F and G (it is advisable to view the map for the exact location).
In sectors A, B and O, the ZTL is active all year round, on weekdays, with the following times: from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 20 and on Saturdays from 7.30 to 16.

From the first Thursday of April to the first Sunday of October the summer night ZTL is active. The regulation of the ZTL, in this period, is extended to all sectors (A, B, O, F and G) even on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with the following times:

For sectors A, B and O
• from 11.00 pm on Thursday to 3.00 am on Friday
• from 20.00 on Friday to 3.00 on Saturday
• from 4.00 pm on Saturday to 3.00 am on Sunday
Therefore, in these sectors, on Fridays and Saturdays the ZTL is continuously active from 7.30 until 3.00 the following day

For sectors F and G
• from 11.00 pm on Thursday to 3.00 am on Friday
• from 11.00 pm on Friday to 3.00 am on Saturday
• from 11.00 pm on Saturday to 3.00 am on Sunday

Among the gates there are some (intended exclusively for public and emergency transport) which are always prohibited, 24 hours a day.

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