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Experience and motivation in what we do have made us a fixed point of reference


Since 2007 for both local and international clients, visiting for work, on holiday, or on a day-trip to Florence, the GARAGE LUNGARNO welcomes anyone wanting to park their car in Florence’s old town.

Experience and motivation in what we do have made us a fixed point of reference for parking in the Florence’s old city center at just a few steps from the Old Bridge, Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi Museum and the city’s main city sights.

We assist everyone professionally either frequent or occasional customers by guaranteeing a premium service for any need: annual subscriptions, dedicated pricing, company fleet management, reserved company spots, events and tour operators.

We settle all the necessary paperwork needed to come into town and through the ZTL and into the GARAGE LUNGARNO for you.

Open at all times and available to partnerships, proposals and custom agreements.

Late Check Out


Video surveillance

System Alert

Assistance for the disabled

“Pink” Parking

Business partnership

Car wash

Veichle assistance


We take care of your car as if it were our own.
Professional care and attention, we respect and learn your habits and needs.
GARAGE LUNGARNO guarantee’s maximum effort to serve the customer with the perfect parking spot.
Thanks to our clients’ trust we park over 30,000 vehicles yearly.

Come meet us, we will be waiting for you.


Garage Lungarno since 2007
Language: English, French,  Italian
Hobbies:  Moto


Garage Lungarno since 2016
Language: English, French,  Spanish, Italian
Hobbies: Moto, Ciclismo, Running


Garage Lungarno since 2012
Language: English, Arab,  Italian
Hobbies:  Luxury cars
FB: Mahmoud El Anani
Instagram: mahmoud.elanani.7


Garage Lungarno since 2021
Hobbies : sport
FB : ahmed elenany
Instagram : –


Garage Lungarno since 2022
Hobbies : meccanica e moto
FB : antoniolisi
Instagram : –

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